Party Wall Surveyors

The Party Wall Act 1966

What should you do if your neighbour is making or proposing to make changes to your boundary?

The answer could be to employ a Party Wall Surveyor.

It should not be a cost to you as in many cases the cost must be covered by the other party who is proposing the alteration at the party wall.

What is needed is clarity, fairness and justice.

Do you have a problem with what your neighbour is doing or proposing?

We act as Party Wall Surveyors from London in the East to Aberporth in the West along the M4 corridor.

Are you a Building owner or an Adjoining Owner?

Building Owner?

– Do you wish to carry out works to an existing wall, floor, ceiling or roof separating your property from a neighbour’s property?

– Do you wish to carry out excavations on your property within 6 meters of a neighbour’s property?

– Do you wish to carry out new building works at or astride a boundary separating your property from a neighbour’s

Call us on 077405 43514 and we can advise you as to your best course of action.

Adjoining Owner?

Are you aware or concerned that works are being planned or carried out by a neighbour, which may affect your property.

Have you received a letter or notice served under the party wall Act regarding a neighbour’s proposed construction works and/or access to your property.

For advice on the party wall act 1966 call us on 07740 543514

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