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Asbestos surveying and management advice

Working throughout the UK, we as a consultancy provide asbestos surveys, management and refurbishment / demolition, supervision of asbestos removal together with providing asbestos risk assessments and management plans.

We can offer a fast turnaround. Our surveying services can be carried out within a four day turnaround from the survey for the verbal report or a seven day period for the written report.

In exceptional special circumstances we can turn around the survey even faster with results within 36 hours of order being achieved.

Our clients who are developers; demolition and refurbishment contractors have found this service invaluable.

With our method of operation we are also able to offer advice in the following fields which offer benefits to you as our clients.

We can protect you against prosecution by employees

The widow of a surgeon was offered £1.5 million for alleged exposure to asbestos and the law lords have made a ruling that any previous employer may be pursued for compensation. We can carry out a survey and offer advice that will prevent this happening to your company.

We can protect the asset value of your property

The asset value of your property will be reduced if you are not able to prove that your building is clear of asbestos or that it has an asbestos management system in place. Many purchasers will agree a price for a building and at the last minute request an asbestos survey and high reduction in cost for the asbestos removal. We can help you avoid this problem by advising such things as removal of asbestos contaminated artex @ £1800 per room enclosure by proposing a management process which ensures that the artex remains safe and at minimal cost.

We can help save you tax on remediation of contaminated land

A new tax relief for the remediation of contaminated land was introduced in the 2001 budget. The initial concern that the relief would not apply to property developers. However, it has been confirmed that developers can obtain this relief, as well as those holding land either as an investment or for the purposes of their own trade.

An extra 50% is added to the expenditure for the purposes of the tax deduction. A company spending £100,000 on cleaning up land is treated for tax purposes as if it had spent £150,000. Put it another way, if it is subject to corporation at the full rate of 30%, it effectively gets relief for remediation work at a rate of 45%.

We can help you avoid excessive building maintenance costs

The cost of unplanned emergency asbestos removal is often 50% more than pre-planned removal work. Let us help you get organised so this expenditure can be part of your budget not part of your contingency fund.

We can carry out your annual revisits at the same time as carrying out your new fire regulations and provide quality service at competitive prices.

“We are a leading practice of environmental engineers.”

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