Asbestos Survey Monmouth

Monmouth Asbestos Survey Experts Since 1995

We are a company that carries out asbestos surveying, providing advice on CDM safety co-ordination and party wall surveying near Monmouth.

Our work is carried out for a wide range of clients from Celtic Manor golf resort and hotel to hospitals and major industrial units all the way down to houses and small shop surveys.

We operate in a different manner to most of our rivals as we only employ well qualified engineers and surveyors with at least 30 years experience.

You will have direct access to your surveyor who will take you through the scheme from start to finish and act as a one stop shop. Pride in the quality of our work is the companies driving force.

The work is not carried out as many other companies do by splitting the work into separate sections with an inexperienced junior carrying out the survey, a technician compiling the report and a senior staff member inspecting and issuing the report. Ours is a true one stop shop.

If we are awarded all three activities on a scheme this makes the project more economic for us as a company. We can then reward you our client with a discount.

Motivated, qualified, experienced engineers and surveyors give you a quality product that you can rely on.

“We are a leading practice of environmental engineers.”

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Asbestos Survey Monmouth
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